HERO CONTRACTOR COULD BE DEPORTED AT ANY MOMENT Pamir Kurti is an immigrant from Albania.  In 2012, he saved the life of a co-worker who fell into a ditch onto a live wire at a construction site.  At risk to his own life, he pulled the man from the ditch and saved him from death by electrocution.


Pamir has worked for the same home construction company since he first came to the USA to apply for asylum in 2001.  He fled political unrest at home where he had been arrested and beaten for participating in political demonstrations against the Socialist Party.


After an initial interview, through bureaucratic error Pamir did not get his day in court before an immigration judge until 2007.  The judge found that conditions had changed for the better in Albania and despite his past persecution ordered him removed.  His appeal was still pending in 2012, but in 2014 he lost his final appeal and can now be removed.  He request deferred action to allow him to remain in the USA, but this request was denied.


Pamir is the kind of person everyone describes as the ideal immigrant who is an asset to society:  Hard-working, tax-paying, one who gives to the American economy and community – and a recognized hero.  Yet he faces imminent removal.  The Department of Homeland Security has the power to allow him to stay.  Join our request to keep this hero in our country.

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